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InstaExplorer – The Olympias Clue

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In the first book of the InstaExplorer series, Lucy Evans is sent to stay with her aunt in Greece while her mother is stationed in Afghanistan.

Product Description

In the first book in the series of adventure stories for kids, Lucy is sent to stay with her aunt, while her diplomat mother is stationed in Afghanistan. Her journey begins in a small town in Greece, where between sending fun messages to her friends back home, and exploring her new home, Lucy makes an intriguing discovery in an overgrown park. Ancient Greek carvings on hidden marble stone – and a clue to a long lost part of history.Lucy Evans is a modern day explorer! A teen with adventure in her heart and a smartphone in her pocket, Lucy explores the world and describes what she sees.

About Lucy Evans

Lucy is a smart, connected young girl who loves adventure as much as she loves her trusty smartphone. In the style of old-fashioned adventure stories, the InstaExplorer books are brought right up to date, with fun pictures from Lucy’s Instagram account, and details of online research.

Want to know what it is like to live in a different country, or how children in other countries celebrate festivals? Lucy Evans can help.

About the Author

Author Millie Slavidou is a British writer and translator living and working in Greece. She writes about etymology on Jump! Mag and on Glossologics, and shares her children’s stories on Kidscapers.

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This book was originally released as an eBook, with a preview of Dragon’s Rock, the second book in the series. Dragon’s Rock has since been completely rewritten, and released as a stand-alone book. The books have now been re-released in print and eBook format individually.

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ISBN-10: 1508706042
ISBN-13: 978-1508706045

1 review for InstaExplorer – The Olympias Clue

  1. 5 out of 5


    In my endless search to find some books for my primary classes, I came across this book. It’s such a breath a fresh air – educational but engaging, intriguing and interesting. Lucy is a great character that children will relate to and it’s wonderful to have an adventure story with a capable, likable girl as the central character. It’s great for kids from about age 9 (or a bit younger if they’re a strong reader). It’s pitched really well – some challenging language but not so much that a child will get frustrated. I highly recommend it.

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