12 Awesome Women of the Stage

The third book in the #12Women series takes us into the world of the theatre. We draw back the curtain, and shine a light on women who far too often are overlooked and forgotten.

Aimed at children from 10 years, this book tells the stories of writers, directors, actors, singers, dancers and producers. Women who have shaped the history of the theatre, while forging their own path.

Read about Belfast-born Marie Jones, actor and playwright, whose play Stones in his Pocket has been played in over 30 countries, and has won awards throughout the world.

Emma Cons was a forthright and determined woman, whose aims to help the poor led to the founding of the Old Vic Theatre, and what would become Morley College.

Tharon Musser was termed the ‘Dean of American Lighting Engineers’, and was a pioneer in her field. With over 150 Broadway shows under her belt, and 10 Tony nominations, Tharon was hugely influential in the world of the stage.

Florence Mills was born in poverty in New York, and paved the way for African American performers, after dazzling audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

These and other stories are told, and illustrated with uplifting quotes – perfect to inspire aspiring thespians, designers, singers and writers.

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About the Author

Dr Sarah Whitfield is a Senior Lecturer in Musical Theatre at University of Wolverhampton. She researches musical theatre history, and works as a dramaturg and director for new musicals. Her work often focuses on recovering the work women do that has been erased from the narrative.

Available from Wednesday 18th November


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